Celeb Tucker: Let's Open Up a Hedge Fund! (Maybe)


Actor Jonathan Tucker is playing for "Street Signs" in Trading With The Stars. He might be playing for higher stakes after the contest if he's taken at his word. Even though he's in 4th place, he told CNBC's Erin Burnett that if he was running a hedge fund the way he's running his contest portfolio--"we'd be doing pretty fantastically well." He did say that he and Erin should open up their own hedge fund. (hold on Jonathan--we'll see about that--it's just contest. but could it be a career move? nah..) However, he certainly dresses the part (see video)

Jonathan sold some of his gold holdings: Kinross, Seabridge as well as AH and Archer Daniels. He says he's looking at Starwood Hotels and Motorola. He also said that while most of the other celebs are going all in on some stocks, he likes spreading his money around. "After all, I'm in 4th place and still have some $600K in cash. I'm right where I want to be!" (he hopes).


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