Are You Diversified?

Cramer thinks Tammy needs to make some changes right now. For one, Andrew and RF Micro are both telco communications and they’re both bad stocks, he says. EBay is fine after this quarter it just reported. Annaly is a great financial and so is optionsXpress but the latter is levered to brokerage so Cramer says it’s fine to have both. “I don’t mind you being in tech, but Andrew and RF Micro are no good. Go for a tech and go for a healthcare.”

This is an interesting portfolio, Cramer says. He isn’t a big fan of aluminum companies, or Chinese companies, and ACH is the biggest aluminum producer in China. However, it has a 4% yield that Cramer likes. He’s also a big fan of Jones Soda and Transocean, which he owns for his charitable trust. Cramer prefers Allegheny Tech to RTI, but he likes DTV because it’s cheap. “TV, steel, oil, soda and aluminum. That’s total diversification. Very well done.”

BBBY and LOW are both retailers and we can’t be levered to both, Cramer says. “They’re both actually levered to the housing part of retial – let’s get rid of BBBY.” Starbucks isn’t Cramer’s favorite either but he understands why someone might want to own it longterm. He’s a big fan of the medical component, but he likes Zimmer a little more than Stryker. As for Qualcomm, “if you had to own a semi company, [it’s] probably the best one.” He would recommend picking up a financial like Bank of America or Goldman Sachs . “Well played but I think you need to make that change.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs and Transocean.

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