Your Emails On The Million Dollar Challenge

Hey everyone. Here are some of the emails that we've gotten recently that I thought I would share. As you can see, there are some different opinions covering just about everything. For those of you asking about "improved" weekly leader stats, please see below.

Bob F. writes:
I have an excellent return of 30% at this time in the contest the top 2%, but I trade slowly and hold stock that I buy for a long time; I buy of the dips and on the same stocks. I have found that holding a stock for longer period of time brings me more rewards, than churning losing potential profits. I hold Revlon (REV) and I will hold it for at least 30 days. I fatigue myself try to chase the stocks all around. Sometimes I anticipate a move and I have been lucky. I use technical data and trade by charting. But only on companies that are viable because if it goes sour I do not mind holding. I also hold REV in my personal portfolio.
(Top 2%)
Week to Date
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David Andrews wrote:
Your contest rules should require a minimum number of holdings since the average investor would never put all his or her resources into one or two highly speculative stocks. As it stands, the contest does not really teach or encourage wise investing. Also, it looks like there are several individuals with multiple (10 or more) entries. Warren Buffett is most certainly disappointed. David Andrews from the top 7%.

Toco writes:
Hi gang,
Love your morning show and I have a suggestion for next year's million dollar portfolio game.
let's make it a real contest of investing strategy by only being allowed to pick stocks that are at least 5 or 6 bucks a share. Buying 1 and 2 and 3 dollar stocks and waiting for them to go up a few cents or more to get "rich" in the game is not a contest of strategy. I am enjoying the contest and hope cnbc takes my suggestion for next year. Thanks for a great show and contest.

And Bob says:
Can you please provide some stats for the weekly leaders ? Many of us have no idea if we are even close to the weekly leaders, yet we know exactly where the overall leaders are... If you could provide, even in the blog, some details about there gains week to date, that would make for a more interesting competition.

Note on Bob's email: Bob's point has been made by several other contestants and is a valid suggestion. The contest statistics team here works pretty hard on getting everything they can. We do have certain limits but we are working on better automation for the contest and contests in the future--to eventually give you the stats like these. Thanks to Bob and others who wrote in on this.

Walt Fulps wrote:
Can someone explain to me how a company like EDU that had a 50% increase in revenue on 4-18-07 still loose money. It does not make any sense to me.

Note: anyone care to respond to Walt?

And Frank wrote a simple email on the trivia questions:
Questions are too easy.

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