Earnings: A Look For The Challenge Portfolio

In case you didn't know it (but you probably did), the first week of earnings for the first quarter of the year is over. As we pointed out today in our look at contest stocks, earnings have had an affect--both good and bad on stocks you are picking. To get in the earnings mood, I've included a CNBC video news report here from Bob O'Brien. He looks at this past week, and to next week as well.

Earnings calendars and reports( for your reference):

Now, chances are the stocks Bob looks at for next week's earnings aren't necessarily ones you would select for the contest. Remember, there's an obvious difference from real life investing and the contest. But--I thought I'd put this post here for you to help get in the earnings mood. Some of the stock earnings coming out next week--could impact your contest stocks. Just remember--Bob O'Brien's report is for CNBC news, and is not a specific contest segment, nor a recommendation for contest stocks.

As Bob points out--of the 66% of companies that release earnings this week, were above forecasts, and 18% were in line with estimates--while 16% were below estimates. Among the big stocks coming out with earnings are AT&T and Amazon . Bob also says earnings are lower, but better than analyst's expected. Earnings growth so far have been more than 6% overall. Also, the final earnings growth figure overall, should be about 5.2%.

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