It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Arch Coal : “Those of you who doubted me on coal, let me reiterate that at $36, Arch Coal is not done going up.” Peabody is Cramer’s favorite in the sector.

Exxon Mobil : Cramer thinks Exxon has had a miraculous run-up, but he wants to let it come in a little before you back up the truck.

Applied Materials : “Problematic,” Cramer says. After the close, Cymer announced an awful number, and that could mean AMAT might come in, Cramer says. “I don’t want to buy Applied Materials. I would much rather buy Avnet .”

Titanium Metals : “Let’s be careful and let’s wait before we get too bullish on TIE, which is not best of breed unlike Allegheny Technologies .”

Superior Offshore : Cramer thinks the Gulf of Mexico plays are now going to start going up. “I think you want to be in DEEP for the duration of the next cycle in oil and gas.”

BASF : Cramer doesn’t think a takeover bid is likely for BASF because it’s so big. “BF is a good stock to own. I like the German market very much – it has been rocking.” He thinks BF goes higher on its own.

Google : This stock had a very big move, and now it’s resting and will be ready to run again, Cramer says. “I like Google.”

Adobe Systems : Cramer thinks Adobe will do well enough on its own without being a target for private equity. “I think you buy this company because it is cheap … but I don’t bet on a buyout here, I just don’t think that’s possible.”

II-VI : Cramer was going over the company's numbers this morning, and he feels that this stock down seven points is going to be “dead money for some time.”

L-3 Communications : “I think that was profit-taking today,” Cramer says, because the quarter was good. He thinks the downgrades of L3 were a mistake. He would recommend buying it along with two other defense names: Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman .