It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Apple : “Apple could come down, but it shouldn’t. That was a magnificent quarter - one of the five or six best quarters we have seen so far in 2007,” Cramer says. He recommends buying the stock as it comes in.

Flextronics : “I am not a fan of tech here." Flextronics makes products that go into a lot of companies in sectors Cramer does like, such as telecommunications. But he thinks tech is simply too overexposed to the downturn. “I want you out of FLEX now,” he says.

Jones Soda : Cramer would take a little off the table here. It if goes below $19, he would buy it back.

Ford : Cramer believes in CEO Alan Mullally and his turnaround plans. “I am squarely in the camp of Ford,” he says.

Abbott Labs : "I think Abbott was treated poorly by the market for a quarter that was a thing of beauty … Abbott at $55 could be a steal in the drug group,” he says.

Cemex : Cramer says he can’t get behind anything that’s housing-related right now, even though this stock has a Mexican component.

Dawson Geophysical : “I am predisposed to like the stock after the numbers we saw from Hercules Offshore ,” Cramer says. “Let this one come in before you buy it.”

Level 3 Communications : This is Cramer’s speculative stock of the year and an archetype of what he recommends owning right now.

MEMC Electronics : This company makes wafers that are used for solar power – which is an industry that’s “on fire,” Cramer says. But they also make wafers for semiconductor companies which “couldn’t be worse.” He previously recommended WFR, but now he’s giving it a "don’t buy."

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