Mad Mail

Dear Jim: While on vacation in NYC last Friday morning, I was sitting outside the NYSE and to my surprise, you came walking up the street. With all the excitement of New York City, I will always remember being able to yell out an enthusiastic Booyah!!! As Mad Money addicts, my wife and I know the importance of doing our homework...but while I have your attention, what do you think of Hewlett-Packard? -- Jason from West Virginia

Cramer says: Last week, Cramer explained how to predict an upside surprise, and he used Hewlett-Packard as an example. “We got that upside surprise pre-announcement today. I hope you were in it…I would not sell it here.”


Dear Jim: I am constantly looking forward to watching your show with my Dad; I find your show like the driver’s manual for stock marketers. I even asked my Dad to take your books to school and teach all of my classmates about stocks. When I heard about the newspapers criticizing you, I had the brilliant idea of making t-shirts for you, me and my sister. I really look up to you, and hope you never change. Booyah. -- Veronica from Florida

Cramer says: Cramer admits he makes mistakes, but “in the end, I’m trying to do my best,” he says, “and thank you for the vote of confidence.”


Dear Jim: With Google taking the biggest share of search, don't you feel with Microsoft’s cash on hand that it’s time for them to do some type of merger or buyout of Yahoo! or Sun Microsystems ? -- Rick from Alabama

Cramer says: “Sun Microsystems absolutely not. That’s never going to happen, Rick. I doubt that Steve Ballmer, who was in my college class, is going to buy Yahoo!” Cramer owns YHOO for his charitable trust, and it just hasn’t performed well. He calls it a “Hall of Shame management issue.”

Dear Jim: My 13-year-old niece called me a few days ago about investing in some stocks. She asked me about two clothing stocks geared toward her age that I don’t know anything about. Her stocks are American Eagle Outfitters and Aeropostale. We’re doing our homework, but as an avid viewer and reader of your books, I wouldn’t want to cause her to lose interest in stocks just because I gave her the wrong advice. -- Peggy from Georgia

Cramer says: “These are really hard stocks. Month to month, they jump around. It’s way too hard to predict them…Why not got buy JC Penney? Why not go buy Federated?” Cramer recommends not buying until after Thursday’s same-store sales numbers are released.

Jim's charitable trust owns Hewlett-Packard and Yahoo!.

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