Japanese Wigs, Best of the Fast, Travel "Dealing," & YouTubeMercials

Japanese Company Wigging Out


The world's largest wigmaker, Aderans, is in Japan. But now the rug is being pulled out from under the domestic toupee market, as more Japanese men reportedly "bare all" up top. Aderans is so afraid of a hostile takeover it's seeking a sort of "poison pill" defense, an effort being fought by its largest shareholder, American investment fund Steel Partners. Steel Partners says the plan isn't good for growth, and a hairy shareholder vote is looming.

But here's what I found especially interesting. According to The Times of London, Aderans reportedly does regular surveys to determine which countries in the world are hairiest. Turns out it's the South Koreans, while the Czech Republic is the baldest of them all (the Czechs also rank #1 in alcohol consumption according to The Economist -- coincidence?)

Serious As a Heart Attack

Ted Zagat was on "Today" last week revealing the results of a Zagat fast food survey.

Japanese Company Wigging Out


Wendy's came out on top overall, including best burger. Hooters actually did pretty well under the "service" category in the full-service chain division. Here's what did not make air, but can be found on Zagat.com -- the outtakes from surveyed consumers. Zagat does not name names, but you can probably fill in the blanks:

  • "The fries never decompose."
  • "E. coli is free with every order."
  • "Best consumed drunk."
  • "Not sure they use real cows."

The site also has a funny Q&A with Jared Fogle, the Subway spokesman who lost 245 pounds. Okay, is it just me, or does Jared look like maybe he's put back on a few of those pounds? Maybe the ol' metabolism is having a harder time burning through two Subways and diet sodas a day. Goodness knows my metabolism is struggling with it.

Such a Drug Deal

Tom Sizemore was arrested for alleged drug possession in Bakersfield last week. BAKERSFIELD! The land of oil drills, Basque restaurants and Buck Owens. What in the hay was Sizemore doing there? Apparently, taking advantage of a great deal on a hotel!

According to the Los Angeles Times, Sizemore stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton Bakersfield, which has a "Get Away, Far Away. From Everything" special for $90 a night. The newspaper blogs, "The package gives you breakfast for two, a free in-room movie each day and encourages you to keep your pajamas on all weekend. Taxes, fees…and dope in the parking lot not included."

When the reporter called to ask about booking the same deal, the receptionist said the best she could offer is $110/night. I guess the place has gone Hollywood. Maybe for the extra $20 you can get TWO free in-room movies.

Favorite Demonstration of an Actually Useful Product

Unotron makes keyboards and computer mice that can survive the biggest slob in the office. The company proves it with a demo on YouTube, a sort of amateur take on those old Ginsu Knives ads ("but wait, there's more!"). Check it out, and notice the nice little details: Oreo crumbs aren't enough of a mess test on the keyboard, let's add Nilla Wafers and Goldfish. And after all the fuss, the woman demonstrating the keyboard's resilience has trouble spelling the company name.

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