Contest Finals: What We Can Tell You Now

Good morning all. We are going to be a little short on information today, but rest assured we are working on getting what you need. We will not have individual results or rankings for the 20 finalists today in the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge or the Second Chance contest, but we can tell you what stocks were the most popular today.

Don't worry--we will have the individual results after the close of today's (Tuesday) trading. We will then have the first official ranking for the finals for both Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge and Second Chance as buys made Monday--will be impacted by their market performance Tuesday. We just ask a little patience as we put the information together.

So--we can tell you this. The most active and widely held after the first day of finals, are the same today, and populated with many familiar names. All of the companies below have spent time on the actives and widelys in the previous 10 weeks of competition, so you players are going back to what you know.

Symbol Company Name Volume
CMGI CMGI 261,247,257
CMGI started the contest at $1.66,up 46.99%.

REV Revlon 220,648,873
Revlon started at $1.23, and is up 6.5%.

KRY Crystallex Intl. 188,562,800
KRY started at $2.90 and is up 56.55%.

CNXT Conexant Systems 156,005,347
CNXT started at $1.93, & is down -24.35%.

GTW Gateway 103,771,712
GTW started at $2.05, & is down -10.73%.

SIRI Sirius Satellite 100,756,364
SIRI started at $3.55, & is down -21.97%.

VG Vonage 88,967,752
VG started at $5.22, and is down -35.82%.

CHTR Charter Comm. 75,226,275
CHTR started at $2.98, and is up 21.81%.

BQI Oilsands Quest 70,893,977
BQI started at $3.48, and is down -10.63%.

RNO Rio Narcea Gold 52,660,638
RNO started at $3.11, and is up 54.34.

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