Finalist Profile: Stephen Luchko In His Own Words


We thought we'd focus a little more on the finalists in the Million Dollar Portfolio contest like we did with the weekly winners. In fact, one of the finalists wrote in suggesting it would be nice to have some bio information on all 20. Good idea Stephen Luchko! (that's his picture) So, we've asked the top twenty to send in some info that they felt they could share with everyone. We hope the weekly winners will add more to what we already have. So, without further ado--since Stephen suggested the idea--we'll start with him. So, here is Stephen in his own words.

"Stephen M. Luchko is a Portfolio Accountant for The Haverford Trust Company in Radnor, PA where he works closely with Portfolio Managers to develop and open new accounts. In addition to spending his free time watching the market, Steve is working on his MBA with a specialization in Finance at Villanova University, and he is busy preparing for his July wedding to the lovely and very understanding Diana Galvin.

After finishing his BS in Finance at the University of Scranton in 2004, Steve came to work at Haverford Trust. At work his focus is on Haverford’s philosophy of steady, long-term investing in A-rated stocks and actively managed bonds. Steve’s approach for this contest has focused on timing earnings releases and speculating on buyout news.

This is Steve’s second year in the Portfolio Challenge, and although he didn’t win the Mazarati last year, his performance this year has already provided bragging rights on the trading room floor. The potential for a million dollars in prize money has everyone at Haverford wondering if Steve will be their next client. They might even let him into their newest product, the Haverford Quality 250™. All this million-dollar talk sure sounds good to a guy about to get married! Steve currently resides in Swarthmore, PA."

FYI--Stephen is currently in 6th place on the finals leader board with a portfolio vlaue of $1,120,849.81.

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