It's All In On AQNT For Second Chance Leaders

Here's what's happening with the Second Chance Showdown. We have two new leaders that catapulted to the front of the pack with all-in bets on aQuantive--up 77.84% Friday. That was on news that AQNT has agreed to be acquired by Microsoft at an 85% premium. We noted in the finals post today how the top ten Second Chance Showdown leaders bought AQNT, while the contest finalists didn't. So, it's Linda Gordon in first with a portfolio value of $1,880,916.42. Linda bought and held aQuantive allowing her to take advantage of its increase Friday--netting her $866,592.54.

Meanwhile, Aric Fanzmeier take second place with a portfolio value of $1,877,429.26. He sold 29,431 shares of aQuantive making $821,713.52. Aric also bought Valueclick and Trina Solar. He also has $574,569.36 in cash.

Name Portfolio Value
1. Linda Gorden $1,880,916.42
2. Aric Franzmeier 1,877,429.36
3. Ryan Darichuk 1,876,716.00
4. Barbara Weinstein 1,876,716.00
5. Andrew Colenzo 1,875,059.38
6. Walter Clelland 1,875,059.38
7. Kendra Love 1,875,059.38
8. Bret Murray 1,873,005.25
9. Ronald Rose 1,867,944.35
10. John Orifice 1,864,200.00

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