Think Like A Kid/Make Millions

Original air date: Tuesday May 22,2007
Rebroadcast: Friday May 25, 2007

Ideas for achieving the American Dream are all around you. They're even in your most prized possessions -- your kids! Take a minute and check out the stories behind the success.


Club Libby Lu

Being the seasoned retailer that she is, former Claire's Stores executive Mary Drolet recognized the the lack of retail for the tween (ages 6-12) market and has since put Club Libby Lu in over 87 malls nationwide.

Team Baby Entertainment

Greg Scheinman took his 11 years of experience at Miramax and found a way to motivate your little athletes into big fans with his award-winning DVDs.



Rich and Sheri Schmelzer saw a goldmine when they noticed their three children decorating their Crocs. That big idea netted the Schmelzers $10 million after selling their business to Crocs.


DAD Gear

John Brosseau has given all new dads motivation to carry diapers around...and a cool million for himself in the process.



Julie Dix and Danielle Ayotte were stay-at-home moms who found a way to make millions simply by paying close attention to their kids. A few blankets later...


The Better Choice Mom

Amilya Antonetti was a concerned mother who figured out what was ailing her baby, and how to fix the problem for millions of parents. Needless to say, she's making a squeaky-clean profit.