See What People Are Saying - Tues. May 22nd

On Monday's show we asked "What could take this market down?" Here's what some of you are saying.

This market will begin it's downward trend as soon as I and others start to buy stocks at these inflated prices thinking we'd better buy while we can still afford anything.

-- Charles S.

Love the show...can not get enough! You have made me "mucho denaro". Thanks. In answer to your question about "Bull killing" my take is You!...

-- Hal M., Texas

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I really enjoy the show and have made some fast money. Can I get the newsletter?

-- Locke F.

Good news. Getting the newsletter is easy and free! Just go to the Fast Money home page at and look for The Final Trade: The Fast Money Newsletteron the right side of the page. Enjoy!

-- Lee Brodie, Producer

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