Stop Trading!

Dell is up today – and for good reason, Cramer said on Stop Trading!. Since reclaiming the CEO title, Michael Dell has been firing executives that needed to go and shaking the company up for the better.

“You’ve got to believe in Michael Dell,” Cramer said. “He’s doing everything right.” Cramer expects another three solid quarters from the PC bellwether, adding, “I would be buying Dell right here.”

When it comes to wireless, Nokia is the only way to go, Cramer said. “Nokia has momentum…and you just give Nokia the ball when it has momentum.”

Cramer wouldn’t normally recommend a tech name at this point in the year, but a contrarian play like EMC might be good for investors. He said the company has done well ever since it decided to break itself up to enhance value. Cramer put a $20 price target the stock.

The market may have already enjoyed a steady run, but Cramer doesn’t think it’s over, he told Erin Burnett. “Buy high, sell higher, always been my philosophy,” he said.

As for Sears Holdings, the Street seemed anxious about Chairman Edward Lampert’s lack of share purchasing after the last quarter. But Cramer said he bought back 1.2 million shares between the report date of May 5 and May 25.

“When he buys, the stock goes higher,” Cramer said. “I’m banking with Lampert.”

Jim’s charitable trust owns Sears Holdings.

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