Speculating on Acadia Pharma

It may finally be time to buy Acadia Pharmaceuticals. With three great drugs and some good data points on the horizon, Cramer thinks the stock could turn a profit in the short term.

The key phrase here is “short term.” The stock has pulled back from its high, giving Home Gamers an entry point, and Cramer would recommend selling into any good news the company reports over the next three to six months.

Acadia has two schizophrenia drugs and one for Parkinson’s in the pipeline. If any one of these drugs pans out, you have a chance of striking gold, Cramer says. And it doesn’t matter that none of them are expected to hit the market until 2009. The play is on data expected this year and not drug sales down the line.

There are already 10 analysts covering this stock, but only two from major firms. So a good quarter and other data points should bring other majors on board, sending the stock higher.

Acadia dipped after a botched secondary offering last April, but Cramer thinks the stock is bottoming in anticipation of the forthcoming data. This could be the perfect to time get in before it’s starts it climb back up.

Bottom Line: Acadia’s one of these catalyst-driven trades, Cramer says, so you might want to buy it now while it’s cheap and sell it into the strength of the drug data coming out this quarter.

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