CNBC Exclusive: The Search for Kobi Alexander

CNBC Senior Correspondent Scott Cohn is on the trail of a controversial former corporate executive who prosecutors say has fled the country. Cohn and a producer have traveled to the African nation of Namibia, searching for former Comverse CEO Jacob "Kobi" Alexander. He appeared in a Namibian court Friday morning. It's part of his fight to avoid extradition to the United States where an indictment charges him with engineering a long-running scheme to steal millions by improperly backdating stock options. Alexander was apprehended in Namibia last September, but is free on a $1.3 million bail bond.

While our attempt to talk to Alexander may, or may not be successful, we do expect to see him at his court appearance. We also will show you what he's been up to during his stay in Namibia. One of his activities is generating even more controversy. He's spending a lot of money, in what may be an attempt to persuade Namibian authorities to let him stay. A solar-powered, low-income housing project on the southwest African coast is one project we'll be showing you.