Is this a good time to buy stocks, given the market's volatility and rising rates?

The facade of the New York Stock Exchange.
Mark Lennihan
The facade of the New York Stock Exchange.

"With all the bullishness out there, it is unbelievable how well the market is holding up."
-- Pat S., New York

"Times of volatility may be the best times to invest in the market...they offer opportunities to get in or out much more frequently."
-- Mitch H., Texas

"Wall Street is doing the pump and dump routine. Get out before they finish."
-- Mike, Canada

"This is a good time to buy. With stocks taking a hit this week, there has to be bargains out there."
-- Harley H., Florida

"Buying stocks on any of the short-term panic sell-offs induced by fear of the Fed makes sense."
-- Paul F., New Jersey

"It is an excellent time to buy stocks, one should not loose the opportunity of the fact that the stock market has responded to the rising rates. This gives the investors an excellent opportunity to buy stocks at a low price."
-- Atul L., Georgia

"I'm not a big stock buyer, but it's not so much the rising rates that affect my investment decisions, as is the rising cost of living due to the high cost fuel."
-- Jack W., Georgia

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"For those who can withstand the risk of participation, the volatility and rising rates should not deter engaging in the ownership experience. Opportunity with some risk is usually rewarded positively in the stock market over the long term. Yet with risk comes the potential of a drop in value. The good news is that you still own something that can rebound. Every day is a good day to become an owner in the future of the American dream."
-- Andy M., Missouri

"I got shaken out in Feb, and waited to buy back much too late -- I missed huge profits. I will not let the same happen this time. Whether it is interest rates, oil, housing or China it will be short lived. I consider this a gift, only now that most are at 52 week highs it is hard to find the best cheap stocks even after this pull back."
-- Andy, Arizona