Two Experts Debate Future of the Immigration Bill

The immigration bill will be brought back to Capitol Hill next week. Mark Krikorian, executive director from the Center for Immigration Studies and Jared Bernstein, CNBC’s Contributor and Senior Economist at the Economic Policy Institute shared their insights on the legislation on “Morning Call.”

“I think once it gets to the floor, it will be passed,” said Bernstein. There had previously been a "bipolar partisan working to whittle down the number of amendments, which was the stopping point last week" when the bill was pulled.

“All the reasons for the amendments were because even those who would vote for an amnesty really don’t want to vote on this bill,” explained Krikorian. “(There is) a tsunami of public pushback of senators.” He added that there is opposition “not only from the conservatives, but also all across the board.”

Lately, the legislation has gotten so much publicity that “public opinion has been a lot more favorable,” argued Bernstein, claiming that it is only a minority of Americans who are against the bill.

Despite conflicting opinions, both were in favor of strengthening border control and that enforcement of the rules has to come first by the president and not just “promises of enforcement, but proven enforcement.”