Mad Mail

Dear Jim: Thanks to you I am up roughly 60 points in Crocs. BOO-YAH!! Here's the problem - I'm concerned about all the insider selling...$130 million worth sold by insiders over the past four months, including the CEO selling 90% of his holdings. Can I please ring the register and take somethign off the table? I defer to you because you have made me this money, thanks to your early call on CROX. --Richard

Cramer says: Cramer recommends taking profits for two reasons: 1. Holding this stock even longer might be a big hoggish, and you all know the MM mantra – bulls, bears, hogs…2. While the rest of the market rallied this week, CROX did not. That has Cramer a bit worried.


Dear Jim: You're the best! As a single dad trying to save money for my son's college education, your insights have been a godsend. Where else can the average guy get the kind of education you provide on Mad Money? Even my 17-year-old enjoys your entertaining MUST be doing something right. I made some money on your Hansen Medical pick earlier this year...thank you kindly. Now tell me if I should stay long in Level 3 Communication? I like the stock - it's pulled back a little recently and looks cheap. Does it look like a winner by year's end? Keep up the good work. --Mark

Cramer says: “I think the story is still on. It’s a bandwidth shortage story…you need to be in LVLT. I would pull the trigger right here.”

Happy Skee-Daddy’s Day Cramer!: Thanks for all the insight. Your show’s the real deal and more fun than a barrel o’ bears. Here’s my question…if retail is back, what’s up with Costco Wholesale and your buddy at Sears Holdings? --Len

Cramery says: “I think that Sears is a must own…Costco? Jim Sinegal is doing a great job. I’d stick with Costco.”

Cramer’s charitable trust owns Sears Holdings.

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