Mad Mail

Dear Jim: I just wanted to send a note to say Happy Father's Day! Why is this dope sending me a Father's Day wish, you ask? Well, it's because you have done what my father never did, and that is teach me about money and the market. I'm 29, so it's not that big a stretch since you are, after all, a ripe old 63. You are the sole reason I got in the game, and I want to thank you for that…No one in my family and none of my friends are interested in the market, so I had no one to turn to. That was until I saw some crazy guy on TV yelling about stocks. I am proud to say I actually enjoy being in the game, and it's because of you. Even when I start to get bored or think about putting off doing homework, all I have to do is tune in to your show, and it gets me pumped up again ready to go! Don't ever think for a second that what you do doesn't matter because it matters a great deal, especially to people like me who need guidance and don't have anyone else to turn to. Keep up the great work! --Lance

Cramer says: “Thank you. What do I waffle between? Letters like Lance’s and the overwhelming media criticism of the show from making it seem like it’s just one big joke of a game. And I settle with the Lance’s because rather than have an existential crisis about what I do for a living, I know that in the old days all I ever did was make rich people rich and all the media loved me and thought I was really great and wanted to be in my fund. Hey, now I’m doing something else, media all hates me. Hey, no fun, just this show.”

B-b-b-b-b-b-booooo-Yaaaaah Cramer!: I'm too busy in the sun to worry about researching stocks, so I let YOU do it for me! I have Texas Instruments, and I have had it for a while. You said tech stocks are not "in"...should I sell it? HELP CRAMER!!!! We love you here in San Diego. Mom and I are huge fans!!! Thanks for the TASER tip, it's kicking a**!!! Hugs, Stephanie

Cramer says: TXI reported a great quarter, so it’s OK, Cramer says, and so is National Semiconductor . But he thinks most tech isn’t. He only likes the four horseman: Google, Amazon, Apple and Research in Motion. As for TASER, Cramer recommends taking profits. “The French trade is over,” he says. “Ring the register!”

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