Making Millions from Your Kids!

Our guests tonight discovered ways to make millions from one place... their kids!

Meet Our Guests

Oopsy Daisy - Artwork for kids? Making millions? Oopsy Daisy is doing it!

ItzBeen - Need help managing your time? Managing time for your baby is important too! And ItzBeen can help!

RazBaby - There hasn't been a new pacifier in years...until RazBaby...check out how this mom-inventor re-invented the pacifier.

Sticks and Stones - Finding letters everywhere in nature... and making millions! Who would have thought?

Clean Shopper - Worried about germs all over the shopping cart? Check out this mom's clean and fun new product!

Little Miss Matched - Check out how Jason Dorf is making millions with some crazy and colorful mismatched socks!