Quickseals: Proving Something Old Is New Again!!


“New” and “invention” don’t always have to go together. Sometimes the best, easiest and most unbelievable inventions arise from products that already exist! Take Denise Bein, for example. After continually struggling with zip-up plastic bags, she decided to make her own home-made variation.

After meeting with several inventors groups, meeting with patent attorneys and going all the way to China to explore possible manufacturing, she finally had a finished product. Although this wasn’t the end of all her problems--she still had to deal with bringing Quicksealsto market --she was on the road to revolutionizing the plastic bag.

Why didn’t YOU think of that? It seems so easy, right? It IS that easy! If you’re having a problem with something in your every day life and you see a solution, no matter how simple, I’m betting there are millions of people out there who need it in their lives. Not to mention the millions of dollars waiting to land in your pockets.

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