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Dear Jim: Can you comment on what happened to TASER International on Thursday? About 2 p.m. the stock took a big dive south along with a big spike in activity. Was this a "bear squeeze"? According to my research, the stock's float is approx 27% short with 4.5 days to cover. Does this tell us anything about when the shorts will cover? --Pat

Cramer says: In the battle of the bulls versus the bears in this stock, the bulls are winning, Cramer said. What happened Thursday was part of the ongoing fight.

Dear Jim: Boo-yah! Did I miss the boat on Excel Maritime Carriers? You gave it two thumbs down on April 16, 2007, and it is up 69.7% since then. The stock came up while researching stocks after digesting your show this afternoon. This stock hit a new 52-week high, has high earnings growth from the previous quarter and has had a surge in volume today. Should I follow the winds and board this vessel or let it sink or sail without me? --Greg

Cramer says: Cramer admits he missed the boat on these stocks. But over the past three weeks, he has been recommending investors consider buying a number of companies in the sector.

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