Are McDonald's and other fast food companies doing enough to make their products healthier?


"Are you kidding? The chicken salad has as much fat the quarter pounder with cheese!"
-- Don S., California

"I think McDonald’s wants to have healthier items on the menu, but as long as their unhealthier food keeps sellingthe way it has,I don’t seethemgetting on the healthy side anytime soon."--Brad T.,Kansas

I appreciate the efforts the fast food companies are making with changes in cooking style and menu offerings. I feel very strongly that it is a matter of personal choice.” -- Janie T., Texas

"I think McDonald’s in particular is doing an excellent job. They have added fruit, salads and juices to their menu along with encouraging exercise and athletic activities. As a physician, I strongly believe that you can eat whatever you want as long as you live an active lifestyle and exercise regularly." -- Dan M., New York

"No one makes you go to McDonald's you need to think for yourself."
-- N.B., New York

"No. As long as you can get a day’s worth of calories and fat in just one meal they will still have work to do. Fast food restaurants need to make all of their food healthier, not just offer a few healthy choices. On another note if they didn’t have drive-thru we would consume less oil and burn more calories by going inside to order."
-- Brandon R., Missouri

"I believe that the fast food companies could have moved faster at getting rid of trans fat. It would be really neat if they started offering healthier choices. I think that they should start offering fruit smoothies. You see all these smoothie chains popping up everywhere. Maybe the fast food companies should try something new."
-- Marijo R., Ohio

"You do not have to go there if you don't think it is good for you."
-- M.M.

"With all the studies conducted one should come to the conclusion fast food is not a healthy alternative; therefore, if a person ignores these studies they only have themselves to blame. The fast food industry should not have to modify their ingredients, if you think it is bad for you do not eat it. I do believe the fast food industry is attempting to make their food healthier, however, if they modify it too much, it will ruin the taste." -- Lewis G.

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"There is enough information available to consumers to enable them to make informed decisions. The risks of eating fast food on a routine basis are well documented. If McDonalds changes its core menu items to make them 'healthier', they risk alienating their core customers. Any fast food can be part of a healthy diet if it is consumed in moderation. McDonald's is doing the right thing by adding additional choices to its menu line up. There's a reason why they are the king of fast food."
-- James H., Michigan

"Ronald McDonald isn't my keeper. I'll make the decision of what and how much of it I want to eat."
-- Judy R., Indiana

"Who cares, you don't go to a fast food place to eat healthy. We cannot continue to hold fast food businesses accountable for what we eat or don't eat...we all need to grow up and be accountable for our own lives."
-- Dan, Maryland

"The American public has a lot of rethinking to do regarding their desire to comsume healthy food for fast food restaurants to make radical changes in their menus and still retain profitably. We have to have more of a desire for eating healthy to cause these changes. Menus have changed dramatically compared to the ones offered ten years ago. " -- CJ, Florida

"Individuals have the responsibility to eat healthy. It is a question of personal choice. If McDonald's provides a diverse menu to customers, then it is the individual, not McDonald's who must make food choices. I don't believe a fast food company has any obligation to make their food healthy or not healthy. Customer choices will determine the success or failure of a company based on their menu". -- John L, Colorado