Steve Nash: Dominating in a Game of Giants


If you're looking for a guy with a passion for what he does, look no further than Steve Nash. He's loved the game since he first stepped foot onto the court, and he continues playing the game for what it is -- a game. He's having fun!

As one of the premier players in the NBA today, you would expect his road to super-stardom to have come a little more naturally. The truth is, without his passion for the sport and positive outlook throughout the beginnings of his career, he may never have made it.

With such talent, it's hard to believe so many big college programs passed up the chance to recruit Nash. After showcasing his abilities and proving his worth, literally no school showed any interest in the 6'3" point guard… until the Santa Clara coach realized his potential. It was his only offer, his only chance, and he took it.

Making the most of a situation that would dishearten almost anyone, he set out to continue proving himself in college and it finally paid off -- as he was selected 15th in the NBA draft. I'm sure that coaches in both college and the Pros regret that they passed up on him so soon.

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