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SKEE - RASTA - DADDY Cramer: Being a fan of your show, as well as a fan of Bob Marley, you just killed me on yesterday’s show. ABSOLUTLEY loved it! The Marley references were great! Oh and the outfit...too funny! One can only hope that the Fed does the right thing. I don’t know how anyone at the Fed will not hear about your show yesterday. Maybe they will take a hint. Keep charging forward for the sake of the little guy and keep up the great work! --David

Cramer says: “They think I’m just a nothing, which is OK. I don’t care. I also don’t like the fact that people think I’m just in it to bail out Bear Stearns. I’m in it because there are 14 million people that bought homes, and by my count, 50% of them are going to be squatters. Last I looked, that actually mattered. Call me old fashioned.”

Dear Jim and Staff: My dad and I are newbie investors. We began with modest positions in a spec, Jones Soda. Everything seems to have changed since we got started a month ago. We are wondering…on last night's show you said a lot of specs "won't make it to Canaan" in the current environment. Is JSDA likely to survive? Should we cut our losses? We are determined to hang in there but have a lot to learn. --Matt

Cramer says: He recommended the stock in the single digits, and then again in the teens. It climbed to the $30s, but he didn’t call for a sell. Instead, he told Home Gamers to sell when JSDA was in the 20s. The stock dropped back down to the teens, but Cramer couldn’t recommend pulling the trigger. “I do not like the stock…the journalists who followed the story think that’s a bad record. On Wall Street, that’s called, ‘how to make a million.’ ”

Jim: I am so glad I listened and stayed away from the financials. But now I wonder if ANY industry can grow without the money created by the financial industry. You say you aren't making friends. Believe me, you have more friends than you can count. --Kathy

Cramer says: “Tech stocks don’t need it. Tech stocks have great balance sheets. They’ve got great products. That’s why tech is winning. That’s why tech is outperforming. That’s why I even like Google.”

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