Start Your Business with Under $500


If you think it takes millions to make millions, think again. If you think you need years of experience running a business to start your own business, you’re wrong. Tonight’s guests took a chance and dove head first into their BIG ideas. Amy’s Kitchen founders Rachel and Andy Berliner started their organic frozen foods company with less than $500. Last year, according to the company, Amy’s Kitchen had $240M in sales. Judi Sheppard Missett, founder of Jazzercise, took her love of jazz dance and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon…all with very little money.

I can’t believe it’s already September…where did the summer go? Towards the end of every August, we take a short breather and get ready for the fall. So we’re all rested and ready to deliver you more amazing and inspiring stories of people making it big with their BIG IDEAS. Don’t miss tonight’s show…it’s proof that with a great idea, a lot of determination and sometimes just a little bit of money…you can succeed.

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