Join The Millionaires' Club

Tuesday night on The Big Idea, join the club…the MILLIONAIRES’ club. In this special town hall show, Donny’s guests


reveal all their secrets to making millions in only 5 years!

Join the ranks of entrepreneur and television producer Nely GalanVineyard Vines founders and brothers Shep & Ian Murray… Michele’s Foods founder Michele Hoskins… Her Look Enterprises founder Kerry O’Brien… and Detny founders and brothers Shane & Shawn Ward. All of tonight’s guests are part of the club…will you be the next to join?

Finally, I got to meet Michele Hoskins in person. As you may recall from an earlier posting, Michele was unable to make it to New York City for her first taping with The Big Idea. Some bad weather on the East Coast prevented her from getting here…but this time she made it! When I walked into the make-up room to greet her, it was as if we knew each other already. It’s always a great feeling to make this connection with our guests.

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