CNBC/MSNBC/WSJ GOP Debate: See It Right Here

Don't miss the CNBC/MSNBC/WSJ sponsored GOP presidential debate next Tuesday from

Dearborn, Michigan. The two hour debate will be live on CNBC-TV and streaming on starting at 4p EST. I'll be one of the panelists asking the questions and we'll also have live blogging so you'll get minute by minute coverage of what's going on behind the scenes.

This should be interesting as all the declared GOP candidates will be asked to provide specific plans for the U.S. economy. Dearborn is the home of Ford, so a lot of auto workers should have an interest in the answers the candidates give--as well as a lot of the country.

That's next Tuesday, October 9th.

Here's a video piece I did this morning looking at Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson.