Wealth in America Survey


The CNBC/Portfolio.Com Wealth in America Report is a poll that has been conducted quarterly since March 2007, introducing critical new sentiment and public opinion data to the economics field, including:

  • A running survey on expected wage gains along with expected inflation gains
  • A running survey on expected house price changes
  • A series of questions on the current economic environment, from household responses to higher gas prices to investment sentiment to the political economy
  • A publicly available extensive cross tab that allows researchers to drill down into the data demographically, regionally and by answers to other questions.

The poll is conducted by Hart/McInturff each quarter and surveys about 800 people nationally. This is the same group that coducts the NBC/WSJ national polls. It is conducted to national poll standards and is a place where key economic questions can be asked and answered.

Dowloadable Files:

  • Sept. 12 Topline Results (pre-Lehman Brothers failure)
  • Sept. 20 Topline Results (post-Lehman Brothers failure)
  • NABE Presentation Charts

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