Romney Talks Business


On Friday’s Mad Money, Cramer interviewed Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney. Cramer had called Romney the best businessman in the country – not as a political endorsement but because of his rigor, acumen and ability from his days as a consultant and investor.

Romney told Cramer that his experience as a businessman better prepares him to lead the country because private sector leaders have inherently better problem solving skills than lifelong politicians.

Romney also addressed the U.S. economy and stock market, saying the country needs to get spending under control and release itself from its “overuse” of foreign oil, which “puts a damper on the entire economy.”

To help ease America’s dependence on foreign oil, Romney said as president he would ensure that the federal government participates with private enterprise to pursue all possible avenues of alternative energy, including liquefied and clean-burning coal, nuclear power and increased domestic oil drilling. When America is energy independent it will impact oil prices worldwide and strengthen the country’s economic vitality for the long term, he said.

Switching gears, Romney told Cramer that he supports the federal government refinancing some of the mortgage loans that have gone bad for the homeowners who didn’t realize their teaser rates would go through the roof.

On trade, Romney said the U.S. needs to level the playing field in order to have a healthy trade relationship with China. He suggested America enter into agreements with nations that will abide by the standards of free trade.

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