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Environmental Concerns - A Challenge for the European Refrigeration Compressor Market

LONDON, Nov 07, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Compressors that allow saving energy and natural refrigerants that minimise the impact on the environment are at the heart of the technological innovations in the European refrigeration market.

Manufacturers are advertising 'high efficiency' compressor ranges with claims to have developed compressors that offer 20 per cent or even more energy saving than their standard counterparts. Reduced energy consumption means reduced operational costs. Consequently, the demand for new and upgraded products is poised to further increase over the long term.

Besides refrigeration compressors featuring improved energy efficiency, refrigeration compressors based on natural refrigerants are another technological innovation continuing to make inroads in the market. All leading manufacturers are not just emphasizing their commitment to promote the move away from environmentally harmful synthetic refrigerants, but are already offering refrigeration systems or components based on natural refrigerants.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (, European Markets for Refrigeration Compressors, finds that the market earned revenues of 520 USD million in 2006 and estimates this to reach 568 USD million in 2013.

"In times of rising energy prices end-users in the commercial and industrial markets are becoming progressively more aware of the high-energy costs generated from inefficient refrigeration systems", notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Michael Meyer. "Manufacturers are now under growing pressure to reduce the energy consumption of their machines in order to help end-users lowering their operational costs." Furthermore, the European countries are still committed to the Kyoto Protocol and incentives are being created to promote investments in more energy efficient and environment-friendly technologies. Therefore, old, inefficient systems are set to be replaced by new alternatives, with demand for upgraded compressors also set to rise.

An ever-increasing concern about the environment, together with change enforcing legislation has put the issue of natural refrigerants high on the agenda.

End-users, especially large multinationals such as McDonald's and Coca-Cola show an increasing interest in refrigeration solutions based on natural refrigerants.

"Having been high profile targets for green organisations in the past, these companies nowadays have a strong interest in being considered an environmentally friendly company. The purchase of refrigeration systems based on natural refrigerants, such as CO2, can clearly support their case", explains Meyer.

Refrigeration systems and components based on natural refrigerants are increasingly available thanks to the rising interest of the end-users and an increasingly proactive approach in leading the way in the development of more environmentally friendly technologies. It is a trend that is certain to gain significant momentum once a definite ban of HFC, to date the most common synthetic refrigerant, is decided.

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