Eddie Murphy's "Guerrilla Tactics" And Some Fuzzy TV Math

It's not funny business in Hollywood. A guerrilla labor action is happening today on location in Pacific Palisades, west of Los Angeles, where Eddie Murphy is filming a movie called "Nowhere Land."

A source tells me producers got the Teamsters to line up trucks in a "circle the wagons" move to keep picketing writers from getting onto the set. Last word is that shooting is delayed because the line of trucks may not be holding their "circle."

Meantime, most Americans are taking the writers' side for now. Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business and Management found: 63% of U.S. adults support the writers in this dispute.

And when networks run out of new material:
42% of those polled will read more
40% will watch re-runs
40% will watch other types of programming like Discovery

Which adds up to 122%...go figure. (If the networks do run out of material, maybe the poll takers can take the time to work on their math)

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