Get In The Game

Tuesday night on The Big Idea, Bob Costas reveals the secrets of his own success and how


you too can gain the confidence to succeed in anything. When others have shot you down and said you’d fail, the right amount of confidence might just save you.

Bob Costas was just 22 years old when he started as a reporter for KMOX-TV. Tonight he reveals to Donny that at that age, he looked just 13 or 14 years old and was concerned that people would write him off. Costas says all of us have lingering doubts and he shares his insights on how to “get in the game”, whatever your goal may be.

Also tonight, Kettlebell fitness creator Sarah Lurie…years ago she pitched an idea to her Wall Street boss on women and investing but was shot down and told that women didn’t care about money or investing. Lurie built up the guts to leave Wall Street and pursue a better life for herself. Now she’s making millions with an idea that’s helping America get in shape.

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