Do You Love Your Job?

Do you REALLY love your job? A recent survey by the Spherion Corporation revealed some pretty surprising results…that only 43% of Americans are satisfied with their jobs. That’s a lot


of people doing something they aren’t passionate about. Tonight on The Big Idea, learn how to take control and define your own destiny.

Jennifer Flavin Stallone was earning a good living working as a model but something didn’t feel right…she wasn’t satisfied and desired something more meaningful. Tonight she reveals how she got the guts to leave the modeling world and go on to start her own company, which has now done close to a billion dollars in sales.

Nathan Sawaya was a successful attorney earning a six-figure income but his heart wasn’t in it. Then Nathan discovered that a hobby he’d enjoyed for years could be turned into art…and now that art is making big bucks.

Tonight, you call the shots…you’re in control…and it’s up to you to define your own destiny.

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