See What People Are Saying On Dec. 5th


(Responding to our Reader Poll question.. Do you think a Fed rate cut could spark a sell-off?)

(I think) anything less than a half point cut will prompt a sell off. Anything more will spark a rally.

-- Karen J.

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Why not make the companies that made the money from all of the subprime mortgages put up a large sum of money much like the tobacco fund? Every one wants the government to bail out these companies when they knew good and well that these people could not afford these mortgages.

-- Tim O.


Hey guys & gal, your viewers include lots of progressives (like this former Republican precinct committeewoman), so watch the remarks. The market historically does better under Democratic administrations.

- Margaret from AZ

(ps - according to my research, Margaret is right. Click here for more.)


Please, cut the chatter on the personal stuff. We watch for ideas. Most of the Web-Extra is 1 minute of stuff and the rest is fluff. Stick to the business of making money.


-- Steve


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