Outlook '08: My Predictions For Google, Yahoo And Others


As part of CNBC's Outlook '08 coverage, here are my eight predictions in technology for 2008. At the end of next year, we'll look back on how well I did: just don't hold my feet to the fire too closely!!

Before going forward, here's a quick look back. Tech set the tone for 2007 and became a safe-haven of sorts for so many investors fleeing the financial meltdown on Wall Street and Main Street.

And with worries of a recession in 2008, tech once again will enjoy a leadership role in so many portfolios, thanks to the globalization of so many big cap tech names: because so much of their business comes from overseas clients, they'll largely be insulated by market weaknesses in this country.

1. That said, Tech promises to be a fascinating sector to watch in 2008. Semiconductors, storage, PCs, wireless, database software and the net should all look very good in 2008.

2. HP's Mark Hurd finally sits down with me for a one on one interview.

3. Yahoo either gets acquired or takes a significant equity investment from our friends in Dubai.

4. Hadi and Ali Partovi, the twin brothers who started music/social networking web site iLike start to generate more headlines than Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook because we'll all have had our fill of Facebook "valuation" stories by February.

5. The year's top story in tech will come from the dramatic re-invention of the wireless industry, whether Google wins the FCC spread spectrum auction or not. The company will preside over a massive push that opens all cell networks to all devices and applications. Finally.

6. Someone will release a device that combines digital video recording, an iTunes-like online digital entertainment store, with a Sling-box capability and makes all the content readily accessible across any device. In your home or on the go.

7. I take a family vacation and actually leave my BlackBerry at home.

8. Microsoft takes the wraps off its Xbox 360 mobile device.

So enjoy your holidays. Rest up. The Consumer Electronics Show is coming. Same with Macworld. And the FCC wireless spectrum auction. And that's only January! Happy New Year. My deepest wishes for prosperity for all of you in 2008.

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