A Summit Lacking Controversy

This could be one of the least controversial EU summits in recent memory. With the Treaty signed in Lisbon Thursday European leaders seem to have very little left to fight about. Indeed, rather than hanging around until 5:30 this evening, when the Brussels summit was due to wrap, they seem ready to head off for the weekend early.

The only issue that still has to be discussed is Kosovo and they will be doing this over lunch. The Lithuanian President just told me that the expectation is that the leaders present a united front and will most likely back independence.

On the issue of the economy it seems that little progress has been made. In fact, the issue barely came up in the talks held this morning, I am told. Having said this, the conversations I have had with a number of Prime Ministers through out the day does suggest that the credit crunch is very much on the leaders radar screen and they are taking the prospect of an economic slow-down next year seriously.

The only thing left to say at this stage is that only limited progress has been made on Mr. Sarkozy's "reflection group." While it has been determined that it will have three leaders, who they will be has been deferred until the start of the French Presidency in 2008.

By Guy Johnson, CNBC Europe Anchor