On the Line: Medco CEO David Snow

As much as Cramer trumpeted MedcoHealth Solution’s earnings visibility on Monday’s show, CEO David Snow said the numbers are even better than the Mad Money host thought.

“Some of the numbers you’re using are a little outdated,” Snow said. The figures Medco has are “better than the numbers you’re talking about,” he told Cramer.

Thanks to a database filled with millions of customers, Medco can better tell if a certain drug might be more right for a specific illness. It boosts the company’s generic dispensing rates and its profitability. Medco’s even using pharmacogenomics, which uses gene testing to figure out if a person has the right dosage relative to their personal ability to metabolize a drug.

There was talk that if UnitedHealth takes its pharmacy business in-house Medco could miss its forecasted numbers. But Snow emphatic that even if UNH withdrew its business as of Jan. 1, 2008, “we wouldn’t change our guidance.”

“This is an easy call for me,” Cramer said. “This is exactly what kind of stock should be a bedrock in your portfolio.”

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