Stop Trading!: Cramer Vs. Marty Whitman

Legendary value investor Marty Whitman of Third Avenue Management was on CNBC Friday talking about some of his best stock picks. Erin Burnett used Stop Trading! to get Cramer's perspective on them, specifically those in U.S. real estate.

Whitman called Forest City Enterprises "the best investment builder in the world," and Cramer agreed. The Mad Money host said Forest was a "great investment," adding that the company was "among the savviest builders."

The two Wall Street gurus disagreed about St. Joe, though. JOE is the largest private land owner in Florida. Cramer admitted that there will always be great real estate in Florida, "but what's left that hasn't been developed is not that great," he said. "So I question this one." The catalyst Cramer said he'd need to get behind the stock might happen over Whitman's investing time frame of 12 to 15 years, but "there certainly isn't one now."

And with options expiration Friday, "there are a lot of stocks that could explode between here and the bell," Cramer said, pointing to Apple and First Solar. FSLR is up just over $17, or 7%, since the market opened.

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