Do Not Open 'Til Christmas (At 9am ET)

Target store
George Widman
Target store

A SHOPPING MALL, Somewhere in America-- It's all done: my Christmas shopping for you. You'll get your presents on Christmas morning at 9am ET, on CNBC. A full hour of "Mike On America" will be on display. Here's what's coming in the brightly wrapped package.

A visit to Rapelje, Mont., to meet a woman who is so happy in her work as a luthier -- someone who fixes stringed instruments -- that she says that if she could do nothing else in her entire life, that would be fine. That's how much she loves her job.

You'll meet the young executive who just knew he was on the right path with his new company. Others told him he was wrong, that he wouldn't make it. But he didn't listen to them, he listened to his own head and heart -- and he was right. The name of his company is Encap. Keep on the lookout for it.

You can ride in a $20 million Ferrari, or on the back of what can only be called the coming to fruition of yet another example of the American Dream: Lektro. It started as a mink feeder -- and now hauls around jumbo jets.

Each of the stories in this hour presentation should give you hope and make you smile. Why? Because they are reflections of who we all are, the stories behind what the true economic life blood of America is: your business, your job, your future.

You'll feel good about us all after you see what your friends and neighbors and fellow Americans are doing all over the country.

Merry Christmas to you, and most of all: thanks. Without your determination, your hopes and dreams and hard work, "Mike On America" wouldn't exist.

Happy New Year, as well. And if you miss the Christmas show, you can catch it again on New Year's morning at 6am ET. Sit down with a little hair of the dog and enjoy it all over again!

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