Lightning Round: Citi, Raytheon, SanDisk and More

Allegheny Tech : Cramer’s stock of 2006 now faces too much competition. He would “be careful” with ATI.

Thomson : While he likes the Thomson product, Cramer said the company – even if merges with Reuters – is in too competitive a marketplace for the stock to be a buy.

Raytheon : Hands down the cheapest and best defense stock out there, Cramer said.

Citigroup : Cramer has faith in new CEO Vikram Pandit to erase all of Chuck Prince’s missteps. He predicts three points down for Citi, 10 points up – but the three down will come first.

Banco Santander : The Spanish housing market is overheated, Cramer said. STD is a well-run company but he expects it to flatline here.

SanDisk : The space is too crowded, according to Cramer. Sell SanDisk.

ev3 : At $40, St. Jude is a far better stock, Cramer said. EVVV is “too difficult.”

Pitney Bowes : Cramer believes PBI needs to put out two good quarters before investors can buy it again.

Onyx Pharmaceuticals : With a potential blockbuster kidney cancer drug in the pipeline, Onyx could still double from its current levels, Cramer said.

Wells Fargo : Like a beautiful penthouse in a terrible neighborhood, Cramer said. He can’t get behind Wells Faro until the Fed comes to its senses and starts aggressively cutting interest rates.

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