Top Manager Names Wireless, Web Stocks


"We're not scared of technology," Shawn Price told CNBC.

To prove it, the co-portfolio manager of the Touchstone Large Cap Growth Fund offered a list of recommendations for investors -- and they're all tech stocks.

"The techs are vulnerable to short-term pullback, just because they made so much money last year, but the Apple story is still very strong out there," he said. "They have the 'must-have' products."

And that's not all.

"We still like Research In Motion quite a bit," he added. "Earnings growth, sales growth, margin expansion are all very strong.

Price also continues to be a Garmin loyalist, even though its stock, like Apple's, took a pounding last week.

"There's fears out there that companies like TomTom are eating into their sales, but...we still expect them to come out with strong results," he said.

And back in the big-name category?

"Google's just a juggernaut," he said. "This is just a tremendous story for us, and it has a strong weighting in our portfolio."