Getting Around Vegas And CES: Take The Tour

Overnight, Adult Expo seems to have invaded the Venetian, as signs have cropped up everywhere. Apparently, my hotel is going to be ground zero for some hot video action. But I'm here to cover CES, where sprawl is the operative geographical word.

Vegas and CES have done a really good job this year making sure people can easily get to the show. They have shuttle buses leaving every ten minutes. Join me on my ride down Paradise Road in the adjacent video.

On the way to the convention hall, we drove past a giant American flag and I couldn't help but think this was perfect, like the Vegas version of America” excess, adult video, expos and gadgets.

I wonder if CES is getting too big for Vegas. The Las Vegas Convention Center is a huge place, daunting even, but the show has grown so much that exhibitors have filled the entire parking lot. Yahoo's out there, as is the NextGen Home, the place where you'll find the Starry Night bed.

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In my next post, I’ll take you on a tour of the center and the exhibits.

Editor's note: As part of our extensive coverage of CES,'s Brian Clark and Ted Kemp will be at the event and contributing to this special edition of Tech Check.