Detroit Auto Show: Which Model Do You Want On CNBC?

BMW X6 Concept
BMW X6 Concept

It's the grand daddy of American auto shows, so it's about time the Detroit Auto Show goes "Prime Time." It finally happens next week and we couldn't be happier that CNBC is the network raising the profile of the auto show.

"The Detroit Auto Show: All Access" will air next Monday night from 9-10 PM eastern. It will be live and it will be the one place where you will see every single new model introduced. Yes, you will see more than 50 new cars trucks and SUV's for the first time plus a whole lot more. It's all part of CNBC being the official cable network of the North American International Auto Show.

As we have been putting together the special, I've asked close friends and colleagues what models THEY are most looking forward to seeing revealed. The two new pick-ups from Dodge and Ford are a popular answer. So is the Toyota's new crossover sedan the Venza and the world debut of BMW's X6. I've even had a few people tell me they want to see the cars the Chinese automakers will display in Detroit. Yes, ALL of them will be shown in our all access special.

Which has me wondering, what new car, truck or SUV do you want to see on our show next Monday night? Send me an e-mail at with a short explanation of what model you want us to break down in detail and why. We'll look at your e-mails, and the winner will get the spotlight treatment in prime time.


One hundred and one years after the first Detroit Auto Show I'm happy to see the event evolving again. With the largest contingent of camera's, reporters, producers, and writers attending the show, we will be in position to take you behind the scenes as new models roll out. The big hits, the questionable rides, and the reasons those models are so intriguing will all be part of our coverage.

Tune in and see if the new model you want us to cover gets the star treatment.

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