Hummer Goes Young And Green

Hummer HX Unveiled
Oliver Quillia
Hummer HX Unveiled

Hummer is reaching out to younger drivers with its smaller, sporty Hummer HX concept.

The two-door vehicle from General Motorsis optimized for off-roading. It was developed by three young designers who are new to the Hummer studio and were charged with designing a smaller, entry-level Hummer.

The HX has classic Hummer looks but new features, including a pair of removable roof panels over the driver and front passenger and a modular, removable rear roof.

With all the panels removed, the vehicle becomes a convertible.

Depending on how the back panel is configured, the HX also functions as a utility vehicle, a slantback or a wagon with covered cargo space.

The doors and rear fenders also can be removed quickly for off-road driving. The HX has 35-inch tires and a 3.6-liter V-6 engine that can run on E85 ethanol.


"Make no mistake, this biofuel compact truck is packed from top to tires with all of Hummer's legendary capabilities," Mark LaNeve, GM North America vice president for vehicle sales, service and marketing, said Sunday.

He said the automaker listened to loyal as well as prospective buyers who said they wanted a smaller, lighter, more environmentally responsible vehicle.