Countrywide's CEO Mozilo: Seems You Don't Like His Pay Package

When it comes to Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo and his potential multi-million dollar severance package, you people don't hold back.

From TT:
"Mozilo the Guerillo...what a crook!"

From Louis G:
"Any word on whether the Bank of America deal will pay for Angelo's tanning salon visits?"

From Danny M:
"I guess we should expect this from Wall Street. Pay these so called great managers all the money in world at the expense of the shareowner. I can't believe Mozilo can even keep a straight face when doing interviews. Add him to the list of greatest scammers of all time."


From Tim J:
"According to the L.A. Times, Mozilo could buy 46,000 new Tatas, The $2,500 car from India, with his severance package. I think Ken Lewis should pay Mozilo in Tatas."

From WW:
"You know, I wish I could run my company to the ground and have someone give me a golden retirement."

Bill F. rewrites the lyrics to the Oompa Loompa song (comparing Mozilo to one of the orange men):
"Oompa Loompa dupety doo…I have another riddle for you. What do you get when your CEO sells out….who's to blame but the com…pa…ny foun…der…"

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