Becton Dickinson: Immune to Market Turmoil?

The recent market turmoil is causing many investors worry, but not every sector is plagued by nervousness. Some sectors seem to be immune to the turmoil -- and others, like healthcare, seem to be thriving.

Medical technology company Becton Dickinson released its quarterly results this morning, and its earnings came in stronger than expected: $1.07 per share vs. the $1.03 that Wall Street was looking for. In addition, the company raised its guidance.

“We’re focusing here, in our healthcare setting, on innovation and driving growth,” says Edward Ludwig, Becton Dickinson chairman and chief executive.

“We have an aging population, we have people with illnesses, and we’re investing in R&D. We’re investing in capital to make better healthcare products and grow the top line. So we tend to be a little bit immune to the business cycle.”

Video: Click to see the full CEO interview here

Becton Dickinson is a global medical technology company that is focused on improving drug therapy, enhancing the diagnosis of infectious diseases and advancing drug discovery. BD manufactures and sells medical supplies, devices, laboratory instruments, antibodies, reagents and diagnostic products through its three segments: BD Medical, BD Diagnostics and BD Biosciences. It serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public.