Trading the Coming Equity Market Rally

We had a tour de force from the original investment biker Jim Rogers this morning. So what about this market rally?

It's coming and its going to have some momentum says Jim Rogers. But he will be selling stock into it. Jim was our guest host on "Squawk Box Europe" Tuesday morning, and, as usual, was ready to jump in with a view on everything from the price of gold to the unfolding scandal at SocGen.

Jim is also on the road promoting his new book on the opportunities he continues to see in China. While he is mindful of the impact of a US slowdown on the Chinese economy he believes water companies in particular will continue to do well. Decoupling is a myth, says Jim, but investors should participate in "the greatest economic boom since England's Industrial Revolution."

One of Jim's other interesting calls this morning was airlines. An avowed deep-value investor, and a self-confessed "poor market timer" Roger's says so much capacity has been taken out of the sector in recent years that the existing players will make money.

He was scathing about the Fed's decision to cut interest rates, and his view on the US election race was "a plague on all their houses."

Jim was a class act as always, and a man of his market success is ignored at peril to your own finances.

As regular viewers will know I am just back from Davos, and the blogs that I filed whilst on assignment are at Take a look if you missed some of the coverage because a lot of the material is still available to view on the Web.

We sampled plenty of very frank views from CEOs and economists while we were at the Swiss resort town. There was plenty of fear and forecasting but very little real evidence that real businesses are contracting.

The challenge for us in coming weeks on Squawk will be to sort the sentiment from the facts.

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