Shaquille O'Neal--The Big Cactus And My "Big" Commission


What's 15 percent of "The Big Cactus?" Whatever it is, I'm collecting it, baby. On Friday, I interviewed Shaquille O'Neal on our show "Squawk on the Street," and towards the end of the interview, we had the following exchange:

Rovell: We got Diesel, Big Aristotle, the Big Baryshnikov, what's your new nickname in Phoenix?

Shaq: Um, the Big Nash. Because when they double team, I'm going to be giving them great passes like Steve Nash gives to all the teammates.

Rovell: You like the Big Cactus, how about that one?

Shaq: The Big Cactus. I like that one. Because if you come too close, I'll stick you. That's pretty good.

Rovell: If you use that, I get a percentage of it, OK?

Shaq: Alright, 15 percent. You'll get that.

Well, somewhere in between 10:59 am ET on Friday--when I interviewed O'Neal--and Sunday night, O'Neal was calling himself "The Big Cactus" and reportedly telling ESPN that's what he wanted to be called. The Associated Press wrote on Sunday that O'Neal's "Big Cactus" nickname was "self-dubbed," but O'Neal and CNBC watchers know the truth.

We have the video to back it up. So before the first "Cactus" jersey hits eBay and before anyone tries to buy (Hint: it's already filled with pictures from Danny and Elicia's wedding), know that whatever you sell, Shaq gets 85 percent and this reporter gets the rest!

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